The triplefin is a ubiquitous, blenny-like, small marine fish, named in reference to their three dorsal fins, and found mostly in and around coastal rocky reef areas.  In NZ alone there are over 20 different species. This diversity, uniqueness and adaptability results in a lineage that our company takes its name from as we strive to provide innovative, practical and effective resource management solutions.

Triplefin fields technical expertise in a range of disciplines including environmental and marine science, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), ecology, mapping, environmental chemistry and environmental engineering. Triplefin also has strong working relationships with specialist consultants covering areas as diverse as wetland design, landscape architecture, geology, hyrdogeology and contaminated sites.

Our company philosophy recognises the need for accurate and relevant information about natural resources to enable informed decisions to be made and to allow planning for effective resource management and conservation. We have extensive experience in providing appropriate and justifiable recommendations for management of coastal, estuarine and freshwater environments.

Triplefin serves a variety of clients from large industry to small business, family and community trusts, central and local government, iwi, hapu and whanau. Our ability to cater to the specific needs of our clients, and our competitiveness in terms of value for money has seen Triplefin develop strong, lasting relationships with clients.

Established in 2008 Triplefin operates nationally from our offices in Napier, Hawke's Bay, with the same staff working in both field and office to ensure consistency and quality within projects.