Technical review services for consent compliance reports

 Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

 triplefin review services
  • Technical review of resource consent monitoring reports 
  • Recomendations to Council compliance staff for consent review purposes

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council outsourced technical review services for a number of resource consent compliance monitoring reports.  These reports related to a range of different monitoring from effects on freshwater ecology from closed landfill leachate to effects on coastal sediment quality from an ocean wastewater outfall.    

Survey of coastal marine area and AEE from coastal protection revetments
Mahia Peninsula, Nuhaka - Opoutama, Northern Hawke's Bay

Tuahuru revetments
  • Survey of terrestrial and marine ecology in area of proposed revetments
  • Broadscale habitat mapping of potentially affected areas
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects

The Wairoa District Council (WDC) has a proposal to construct rock revetments along sections of northern Mahia Penisula and along Te Uruti (Black's Beach) foreshore to protect the road corridor from coastal erosion.  An ecological survey of coastal marine habitats, analysis of revetment footprints, and assessment of likely environmental effects was provided to WDC to support resource consent applications. 

Scientific diving and macroinvertebrate taxonomy services
Hawke's Bay Coastal Marine Area

Prionospio sp.
  • Collection of sediment and infaunal cores from coastal Hawke Bay
  • Identification, enumeration and classification of macrobenthic infaunal cores.

Following a red tide (extensive bloom of phytoplankton) of the dinoflagellate Akashiwo sanguinea in Hawke Bay during August 2012 the Hawke's Bay Regional Council conducted an investigation of unusually low demersal dissolved oxygen levels following the breakup of the bloom.  Triplefin assisted Council with sample collection and all macrobenthic invertebrate taxonomy  of collected infaunal samples.