Would you purchase a car without checking if it is roadworthy? Buy a house before completing a building inspection? In most cases the answer would be no. The same question can be considered when purchasing property asking "is this land suitable for its intended use"?

A phased approach is adopted when assessing potentially contaminated sites.   Each phase is based on the findings of the previous phase and scaled to the requirements of the specfic site. 

Identification of contamination does not signify that the site is unsuitable for its intended use; merely that further investigation or remediation may be warranted. Triplefin offers professional and scientific services in the contaminated land field. We are experienced in undertaking due diligence investigations, preliminary and detailed soil investigations and developing remedial action management plans.


  • Initial desk based and historical use assessments
  • Site investigations
  • Site characterisation and remedial action planning
  • Validation of remedial works and completion reporting
  • Ongoing monitoring