Whether you are considering sub-contracting your macroinvertebrate taxonomy or looking for an independent, qualified and reliable service provider for macroinvertebrte taxonomy or basic sediment grain size analyses - Triplefin can help.  Based in the Napier CBD we typically offer a free pick up service for our clients (Hawke's Bay only). 


  • Macroinvertebrate taxonomy - Identification, classification and enumeration
    • Marine and estuarine
    • Freshwater (MCI, SQMCI)
  • Sediment grain size analyses (Sieving, gravimetric, air drying 105°C overnight)
    • Basic characterisation (3 fraction)
      1. Silt/Clay
      2. Sand
      3. Gravel
    • Extended characteristion (7 fraction)
      1. Gravel
      2. Very Coarse Sand
      3. Coarse Sand
      4. Medium Sand
      5. Fine Sand
      6. Very Fine Sand
      7. Silt/Clay